Jill Boultinghouse, MFT Therapist and Counselor

Therapy to Grow and Strengthen your Self-Esteem

Improve Your Self-Esteem, Improve Your Life

Feelings of self-worth are more valuable than anything I can imagine. Our self-esteem affects our mental health, our feelings, our relationships, our choices, our actions, our jobs, our family – it affects everything! When people have high levels of self-esteem they are able to fend for themselves, speak up assuredly, feel good about themselves and develop healthy relationships. When we feel good about ourselves and value ourselves, we are more competent in life and are better able to problem solve.

Unfortunately for many, self-esteem has been hampered through abuse by a parent, partner, or other significant relation. This abuse may have been in the form of neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse. Some others may have had their self-esteem impacted by a disability or disorder. And yet, others have been devaluing themselves due to peers, cultural views, specific situations, or co-workers.

The good news is our self-esteem is always able to further grow and strengthen. Therapy can be helpful in identifying and challenging the messages we have received from others that have not fostered growth in our self-views. As a therapist here in Orange County, I can assist you in improving how you treat yourself, and how you allow others to treat you. These are just some of the objectives we can work on together to improve your self-esteem and your life.