Jill Boultinghouse, MFT Therapist and Counselor

Therapy for Depression

Understanding Depression at its Roots

Depression is unpleasant, as many of us know. Sadness, discouragement, pessimism, and hopelessness are familiar feelings for most of us at some time in our lives. However, therapists like myself in Orange County understand depression has some specific symptoms. Some of these symptoms include: feeling sad or empty, diminished interest in activities, weight loss or gain, sleep disturbances, feelings of worthlessness, loss of energy, diminished ability to concentrate and thoughts of death. Many people suffer from depression and yet it can look very different for each of us, meaning our symptoms will vary.

There are a few different types of mood disorders that are characterized by depressed mood: Major Depressive Disorder, Dysthymic Disorder and Depressive Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Some people have milder depressions and others have more severe symptoms of depression. Depression may or may not last for long periods. Many experience symptoms of depression that they have suffered from for a lifetime.

Sometimes, drugs or medical conditions trigger depression. For many, some kind of trauma leaves them feeling depressed. And yet for even many more they report that they do not know why they are depressed. The reasons why we are depressed will vary.

Understanding where your depression stems from and how to manage it can be very useful. Therapy can help clients understand and manage their depression, allowing them to have fuller, richer lives. As a therapist here in Orange County, I help clients gain insight into their depression and find the tools necessary to free themselves from the burden of this mood disorder.