Jill Boultinghouse, MFT Therapist and Counselor

Adolescence Counseling

Finding Insight In Adolescence Confusion

Adolescence, at its best, is a time of confusion and stress. At its worst it is a painful period marked by rebellion, substance abuse, depression, violence, sexual acting out and other self-destructive behaviors.
Adolescence today may extend from twelve years old to twenty. It is at these ages when young people struggle with their identity, autonomy, and transition into adulthood. A rising number of teens and young adults are experiencing their transition into adulthood as tumultuous. Many detour onto paths that are destructive and impede their growth process. So many teens use destructive behaviors to cope with their stressors that many adults wrongly begin to think that these behaviors are part of adolescence, which they are not. These kinds of behaviors (substance abuse, sexual acting out, rebellion) cause stress on the adolescent and his or her whole family.

The perils of adolescence are great, but so are the possibilities for change and growth. We all want to see our young people avoid dangers and learn to problem solve rather than act them out. Many adolescents and their families need help from a mental health professional during this period of transformation from childhood to adulthood. Many parents need assistance in learning how to support, set limits, discipline and care for their teenager during this transition. Many teens and their families benefit from therapy when they gain insight, identify family patterns, learn new skills (such as conflict resolution), problem-solve, increase communication skills, and work through defenses. As a therapist here in Orange County, I could provide the professional help that your adolescent needs to transition from childhood to adulthood.